Whitelabelled Website Builder

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Whitelabelled Website Builder

Blockity allows you to make it your brand. Simply click 'Whitelabel' button on the left sidebar in your dashboard, fill your company name, email, phone number, upload image to be shown to your customers. Last thing is to add domain to be assigned to your branded website builder. Please mind only you and all your team members will be allowed to login through your domain name.

To allow your domain to work please add CNAME record in your domain registrar to point to: app.blockity.co


app.yourdomain.com CNAME 1h app.blockity.co

You will love us - this feature is free

Blockity allows you to invite your emplyees or customers to view or edit your websites. Simply click 'settings' button on your website item in dashboard. Then click 'Team' in website settings in left sidebar and add name and email of invited user. Don't worry, they won't need to register first they will receive proper invitation. This will work for registered user too.

Please mind if you have more websites you will need to do it for each one.

At the moment we do not support permissions but this is advanced stage of developent.

This feature is free as well.

Team members

If you have any questions please contact us on support@blockity.co

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