Your App Needs a Website Too! 

by Sophie Ross

on September 26,2016


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Your App Needs a Website Too! 

Many an entrepreneur these days is breaking into business not by renting a storefront on Main Street or even by selling products on Amazon, but by launching a hot new mobile app. And that’s the amazing thing about the new global marketplace – one can identify a need and build an app (or hire someone to build it) and make it available to the right target market all in a matter of a few short months.

But mobile apps don’t just live in Google Play and the iOS App Store. Your offering needs a lead-magnet– a powerful and enticing website to showcase your application’s finer points and convince visitors to download the app right now. 

You’re in luck, since Blockity provides you the perfect platform for launching an awareness campaign and capturing new users. Here’s why: 

Create anticipation 

Your app marketing efforts MUST start before your app is live! If you want a successful launch you have to come out of the starting gate strongly. App store algorithms seem to take early success into account for where to rank your app against competitors so build your Blockity app site now and start collecting emails from interested future users. Stay in constant contact with that base of leads and let them know once it’s time to download. The rush of new users will bring even more! 

Brand building 

Apple’s App Store and Google Play (as well as other app markets) give you a description page for your app but those are terribly limited. It’s very hard to stand out in those formats so you should build a Blockity site that matches your style, colors and branding as well. Your business needs to exist outside of those market pages and this is the way to do that while maintaining full control of your image. 

User feedback and interaction 

The major mobile app stores try to keep a wall between you and your users. It’s frustrating as an app owner, but also understandable – these guys don’t want you figuring out a way to cut them out of the blood-sucking 30% commissions they charge just for hosting your apps in their markets!

However, you must stay in close interaction with your users so you can fix bugs and deliver new versions that fit the users’ wishes. Your Blockity app website puts you in control and is the right channel for communicating with your app customers. 

Warming up future users 

There are going to be people who don’t download your app right away but are still mildly interested in it. If your app has no free version this will definitely be the case. Or maybe you’ve only released the Android version and iOS is still in production – you want to keep these potential customers engaged so capture their emails and nurture them through the sales funnel until they fully convert. 


ASO (app store optimization) is NOT the only way to get an app to rank! Get your SEO-friendly Blockity website to the top of the search engine results by working on its own SEO for targeted keywords. Again this affords you some control not possible on the app market pages. 

So what to do now? 

If your app is still just an idea now is the time to build your own website for it! No need to make this overly complex. Just set up a one-pager using one of the beautiful Blockity themes (or the blank if you’re a fancy-pants designer) and incorporate your own branding and succinct, compelling text. Give visitors an ETA on when to expect the launch and capture their emails by promising updates and maybe a newsletter related to information of interest to them. 

Here’s your challenge: get your one-pager app website live in the next 24 hours! Start here and you’ll be blown away how quickly websites come together on the Blockity platform!

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