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WordPress is Officially Obsolete – Blockity to the Rescue

You’ve heard a certain myth; that WordPress is the Holy Grail of user-friendly and SEO-friendly web design. Let’s be heretical and declare that there are, instead, better alternatives for the majority of business owners who want to get found on the web via an awesome site with a killer user experience.

To break down the myth, it’s important to understand that much of the “WordPress is King” misinformation comes from – you guessed it - WordPress web designers. These are shops that build their sites in WP and so have a vested interest in making it seem that theirs is the only way.

But you’re not an experienced WordPress developer are you? So when you buy your theme and pay for hosting you suddenly come to the realization that you are way in over your head and need to hire a web design firm after all! So much for “easy”. The following are a couple of WordPress drawbacks you need to know. 

Frequent software updates 

WP is open-source software and a hacker’s delight. To keep one-step ahead WordPress is constantly making updates to the software and often those changes wreak havoc on your website. It’s common for a minor update to break contact forms, disable customer purchases, disconnect important parts of your database, and screw up the appearance of the website. 

It’s not quite “free”

You’re not a web design company, so you’re going to have to hire one. Don’t be surprised when you receive a quote for $10,000 (or more!) to build your company or personal brand website. You’ll need to pay for hosting, and occasional fixes from your developer. 

It’s not quite “easy” 

For most people that need a business or personal website, WordPress is overkill weighed down with a lot of clutter and baggage. Sometimes just adding a blog post and not having it look like a jumbled mess takes twice as long as it would on a better DIY website builder . 

Theme issues 

Not all WP themes are created equal. Some are a nightmare (or impossible) to customize. Some break when you update WordPress software. Many claim to use mobile “friendly” design but Google still takes issue with their mobile rendering, thus hurting the site’s rankings. Others have built in security risks . 

False SEO claims

Many choose WordPress because they’ve heard it’s some kind of magic pill for getting a website ranked by Google. Not so fast! We have worked on plenty of WP sites that had major flaws built into them, like duplication of pages, changing URL’s, and other indexing problems – all big SEO no-no’s and guaranteed to get a website penalized by the big “G”.

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