Why Your Homepage Stinks

by Sophie Ross

on September 26,2016


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There’s really no excuse anymore.  

All consumers now expect a professional looking website when they visit your domain, and that’s regardless of the industry. It’s scary, but opinions about trust and credibility are formed before we even read a word of text nowadays and the worst way to sabotage

your message is to obscure it behind some visual madness like this:  

My eyes! MY EYES!!

The dawn of easy to use website software has fortunately made it so that anyone with a little vision can now make a stellar online asset a business can be proud to show off. 

But not everyone has caught on yet, and here are a couple of home page faux pas we’re still horrified to find in 2016.

Torturous auto-play music

No one appreciates the MIDI synthesized Vivaldi on a loop track you subject your unsuspecting visitors to. You actually want them to read your content right? Don’t distract potential buyers or worse – convince them to go away, with this zero-value-adding nuisance.  

Giant margins, narrow text field

Nothing screams “1990’s website” like these babies. If you were unfortunate enough to build your site on WordPress (our sincerest condolences to you), these are the kinds of free themes they provide. All Blockity themes however are ultra-modern, professional, full screen, and responsive! If your growing business enterprise is currently housed on a sad WP theme more suited to hosting a lonely teenager’s diary, then we implore you to come over to Blockity. It’s easier than you think.

Too busy

Your home page should not be the landing page for every service and product you offer, but sadly that’s what often happens to home pages over time. Second-rate SEO companies will try stuffing every keyword for your industry into the content, risking a Google penalty and also cannibalizing the keyword rankings of other pages. And then when you have product images, links, testimonials, videos, infographics, and your Aunt Ruth’s awful soup recipes plastered all over the home page it’s no wonder visitors run away screaming.

Keep the home page clean and with easy intuitive navigation and your traffic will click through to deeper pages related to specific topics. It doesn’t all have to be front-and-center.

Broken links

Yes broken links do happen, but they shouldn’t happen on your home page navigation. 

If you’ve got a visitor interested enough to click through from your home page to your “Contact Us”, or “Store” page – congratulations! You’re on your way to reducing your bounce rate! But if that link doesn’t work, you just lost that prospective customer.

Check your home page navigation regularly, and create an on-brand and personable 404 Error Page for visitors who do wind up hitting a bad link somewhere, or if they type a URL incorrectly.

“Under Construction”

Hey we get it, your website isn’t 100% yet – but whose website ever is? You’ve probably heard the term “minimum viable product” (MVP) and it applies here too. There’s no reason your homepage can’t be a simple informational page with a contact form that gives visitors some direction on what to do next – join your newsletter, follow our social profiles, call now, or request a quote. You could build that on a Blockity theme in about 30 minutes. Add pages later.

Is your home page guilty of any of the above? If you think it’s too hard to fix, test drive Blockity for free and see how quickly a sharp-looking website comes together. And tell us in the comments what your favorite home page abominations are!

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