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Top Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

Time is never on your side as a business owner. In the beginning, running on pure adrenaline and the passion you have for your new enterprise allows you to handle everything yourself, but often in less-than-efficient ways. Eventually things start to fall behind and you realize that the mass of Post-it notes strewn about like forsaken confetti on January 2 is not the system of organization you need to stay successful.

Let’s talk about some tools to supercharge your productivity and help you to be a more efficient entrepreneur. Here we assembled a bunch of our go-to apps and online tools for keeping entrepreneurial life a little more sane.


A lesser-known gem, this is a great to-do list manager and collaborative tool. If you’ve got a giant project (like creating the best website builder on the planet) break it up into lists of what’s needed to complete each piece. Easily assign duties to your team and get notified when tasks are completed, and when you project has moved to the next stage. You can easily turn your lists into Gantt charts for nicely summarized visuals using a simple integration with Ganttify. Cost to you: zero!


A very popular tool for good reason. Evernote lets you add notes and images, organize them and sync across devices. The beauty is in the ease of retrieval. The free version is great while learning how to make the software work for you.


Instant messaging can be a time-destroyer for sure, but apps like Slack make a compelling case. Here you can communicate with team members, grouping messages by different channels based on your criteria. Slack integrates with a host of other tools and sending files and Dropbox links is an easy drag-and-drop process. The company claims that their app can reduce internal emails by 30% and we tend to believe that.


You have to be using Skype by now, right? Just in case you’re not we mention it here. This is the desired communication method of many technical service providers especially since you can send screen-shots and files while having a conversation and everything appears on the same screen. And video-conferencing with people 10,000 miles away for free is pretty sweet.


Keep everything in the cloud with Dropbox and never search through email folders again looking for “that other version” of a file your teammate sent a few weeks ago. Lots of storage for the free user, and just about everything hooks up with it including Salesforce CRM making proposal sharing and modification a synch.


Keep your self-discipline on track and build great entrepreneurial habits with the Streaks app. You know you need to update the company’s social media, get to the gym, research that new product – well Streaks helps you stay on point with reminders and by displaying streaks, for how long you go successfully fulfilling your duties. Watch how much gets done once you start using this app!

Tell us about your favorite productivity apps. If you want to test drive one of the above but don’t know how to start, here’s a homework assignment for you: set up Trello and then make your first project to design an amazing website with the Blockity DIY website builder.

By Mark Holland exclusively for blockity.co

Business Writer - SEO & Marketing

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