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The Ultimate White Label Website Solution

Agencies take note: your favorite DIY website builder just went white label for you!

It’s been an astounding launch for Blockity and while most of our users are entrepreneurs and bloggers, we saw almost immediate interest from SEO, PPC and digital marketing companies as well. They told us that the “quick and dirty” solutions that were out there for easy website building tools just couldn’t be trusted for their clients. They were horrible for SEO, limited in functionality, and looked really cheap. (We won’t name names, but you’ve probably seen these DIY website companies advertised on TV. Alas, too much money spent on ads and not enough on developing their product!) 

As more digital agencies are discovering how easy it is to create killer Blockity websites for their clients - without writing any code - we’ve been asked to provide an “undercover” solution so that only your company’s branding is visible.

Done – and - done.  

Would it be easier for you win new clients when you can offer them a stunning, low-cost web design along with your other services? Yeah, we thought so. And now, you can do it all under your own brand heading. Here’s how:

Log into your dashboard and click on the White label tab:

Then fill out your company information, add a domain to use as your own branded website builder, and make everything look official by jazzing it up with your logo.

Once you’ve filled out the spaces, go to your domain registrar and change the CNAME for your website builder to point to app.blockity.co.

Another Cool Feature

How do you like to work with your clients? Do you plan to handle all future website updates for them, or will you hand them a set of keys and show them how to use your custom website builder? The good thing is that both options are available to you. Our Team feature lets you invite your employees, partners, or clients to work on the websites they need access to. Remember, they don’t need to know code and the Blockity platform is so forgiving you don’t have to worry about them “breaking” the website!

Go to your dashboard again, pick a website, and click on Settings, then Team. Add the name and email of the person you wish to invite and a notification will be sent. Pretty simple – no special registration needed for your user.

The Cost

This is a pretty nice add-on to your business model right? You’d probably expect there to be some premium for the creation of your own branded version of our website builder. After all, this should really enable your business to generate more revenue by attracting clients looking for a more comprehensive agency solution.

Well, it’s FREE!

No markup to you, Blockity just gets the normal hosting fees for the website packages you add on, which you’ll admit are pretty darn sensible. So go call those clients back that were looking for a “bigger shop” to work with. You agency just added web design to its capabilities!

By Mark Holland exclusively for blockity.co

Business Writer - SEO & Marketing

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