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by Sophie Ross

on September 26,2016

Do you want to be the last website on earth to finally adopt video into its marketing plan? No, you don’t. We’re now going to show you that you don’t need a massive budget or a Fine Arts degree to get started using video to build audiences, communicate your message, and grow your business.  

But planning is important. Regardless of what route you’ll go in creating your mini masterpieces, you’ll need to write scripts. Start easy - try to keep videos under 40 seconds unless you’re doing a detailed how-to; otherwise viewers might not get to the end. 

By the way have you seen that adding videos to your Blockity website is ridiculously easy? Drag, drop, upload –that’s it.

Types of Videos

Demonstration video – these are essential when marketing an app, software, and other feature-rich products and services. The Demo video is also perfect for showcasing your expertise in your particular vertical. Whether it’s sharing a plumbing tip or a recipe, this type of content builds your online authority and grabs you lots of powerful backlinks and web traffic in the process. 

Messaging video – here’s a chance to explain what makes your brand special verbally and with moving images. Are you the low-cost provider? The customer service king? The pioneer of your industry? Text on your webpages is very one-dimensional – you can better drive your point home with a well-planned, on-brand video. Besides, we 21st Century humans are lazy and we’d rather watch stuff than read…

Acquisition video – the previous two video types work to push prospects through the sales funnel, but an acquisition, or conversion, video is designed to seal the deal. These can be testimonials from real customers, sales announcements, or anything else with a call-to-action as its focus.


First get a camera about this size:

No, you can probably use your phone instead. And if you really want to cut down production time you can make professional looking whiteboard-style videos and animated ones using tools like,, and others. Note that to remove watermarks and get full functionality you’ll have to pay a few bucks, but none of these programs are that expensive.

Where to stick it?

You have options, and you may want to post your marketing videos to several of them. Since Google likes to favor YouTube in its search results, that should be one destination. It’s not a bad idea to include Vimeo and other video-specific channels too.

As for home page versus a particular landing page, just let the best website UX decide – you want videos to enhance your website not wreck the look and feel for users.

Don’t forget social media. Video is sharable stuff and can be coordinated into your ad campaigns too.

Other tips

  • SEO – make your videos search-friendly by including transcriptions, keywords, longer descriptions, and meta-tags. Optimize the company YouTube channel also with keywords and links.
  • If you took the time to transcribe it, repurpose that video into other content like a blog post or PDF and use it to capture leads!
  • Include music fitting to the video’s theme and message
  • Make the cover frame extremely clickable

Got some ideas now? Great! Set yourself a goal to have your company’s first marketing video live a week from today. Whether shooting it in your office on your smartphone, or using a video-creation tool like those listed above, this integral marketing channel is now within reach and if you don’t start using video to grow your business be certain that your competitors will!

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