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Start a Money-Making Blog on Blockity Today

In a stroke of insane generosity the Blockity powers-that-be are providing all premium templates and features for new signups on the $9.90 plan! (Normally that comes at a $39.90 monthly price tag). With super-fast hosting included, the Custom CSS, and your own domain, NOW is the time to launch that killer business website you’ve been thinking about.

Need more motivation? In this article we’ll give you a launch plan for starting a money-making blog on Blockity that you can get up-and-running today!

First let’s cover the setup of your new online business:

           1. Pick a Blockity theme to get started

                                             Just a few of our themes

        2. Create an Account and choose the $9.90 plan

        3. Add your own domain to your Blockity website by logging into your domain provider account                            (GoDaddy, etc.), then go to your DNS settings and  follow the instructions the dashboard provides.

        4. Go back to your Blockity control panel and start  designing your blog. Tip: start simple, embellish                     later!

Start Writing

If you’ve gone this far you probably have an idea of what general industry you want to blog about, but it can be a little tricky getting started. Review this post for some content ideas if you’re stuck.

The goal here is to write pieces of engaging content that you would share yourself if you came upon it somewhere, so try being resourceful and answering questions your audience might have within the body of your content – that’s the best way to obtain shares and even backlinks.


At this stage you really only need to worry about optimizing your meta tags (which is easily accomplished from within the Blockity dashboard). The platform itself is SEO friendly so there is no need to focus on on-site enhancements beyond the basics. And as far as off-page SEO and link-building, you want to do this via marketing your awesome content rather than simply jamming backlinks on the come-one, come-all sites and directories out there.

The backlinks you earn should bring you real-life visitors because THAT’s how you’re going to make your money!

Where’s the Money Come In??

Here’s a few of the more common options for how to monetize your Blockity blog:

  • Sell ad space
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell your own products
  • Offer your services

To Sell Ad Space or Not?

Many blogs refuse to sell ads and others do nothing but, and there are arguments for each side. You’ll only start to make any money with advertising once you have a large amount of traffic regularly visiting your blog. When we talk about advertising we’re including the very obvious ads like Google AdSense, and also private ads brokered between you and a 3rd party, sponsored posts, and text links.

The blogs that refuse to sell ad space often do so because they feel that they would make more money by inserting their own product in that sidebar or banner across the top of the page.

You can also sell “guest post” spots for money too, allowing another author to write a somewhat promotional article about their own goods or services on your blog and providing them with a link back to their landing page. Here your guest writes the content, you just host it, and you can often negotiate a much better rate than with AdSense.

Similar to this approach is writing reviews for compensation. Just be sure that in all cases where you receive something in exchange for promoting another’s product that you disclose the nature of the promotion – it’s the ethical thing to do and it will keep you out of hot water with the FTC!

Affiliate Marketing

Now here’s something that you can get going with right away. No need for you to design a product, or build an ecommerce store, just have a look through Clickbank, JV Zoo or another affiliate platform, find some products you think your readers would love and then add those links to your content. You can seriously make up to 75% commissions on sales for some products!

All platforms have decent tracking and usually add cookies to your visitors so if they click your link but don’t buy on that visit, if they come back to purchase within 30 days you still get the commission.


Let’s say you DO have products to sell, or you want to start offering something proprietary to your blog readers. You can go with a digital product or physical one. Digital products like ebooks, MP3 tracks, and premium content are great in that you have minimal overhead and zero inventory (and nothing to drop ship!). The downside is that digital products are more easily pirated – something to consider.

On the flip side physical products offer some resistance to bootlegging, but provide their own challenges with shipping, storage, and costs.


Why not sell YOU? If you’re a freelancer, or you provide training to businesses, coaching, fulfillment, or speaking engagements use that Blockity blog to show your expertise, grow trust, and land some gigs.

Some bloggers feel that they need to hold off on selling anything until they’ve been blogging for a while. There is actually no compelling reason to wait. Start building your Blockity website today and start selling as soon as you hit that magical “Publish” button!

By Mark Holland exclusively for blockity.co

Business Writer - SEO & Marketing

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