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SEO practices in 2016

One of the major media for marketing your products and services is the internet, and ensuring you are up to date on the best SEO practices is extremely important to marketing your brand. The SEO game is a very diverse one, and the rules are always changing. For example two years ago optimizing your website for mobile was not very important to ranking high on Google’s search engines, but as mobile phones continue to get rampant and popular among everyone, having a mobile site is essential if you want to rank high on Google.

Highlighted below are some very important SEO practices if you’re looking to rank high in 2016:

1. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly

As mentioned earlier, more and more people keep on using their mobile devices to access the internet rather than desktop devices and Google is trying everything possible to keep up with the trends. With Google’s recent Mobilegeddon update, unresponsive websites has drastically dropped ranks in the search engines. So if you’re looking to rank high, ensure your site is responsive.

2. Relevant and unique content is essential.

The importance of relevant content on your website has definitely increased if you’re looking to get some SEO recognition. As of recent, Google has been focusing less on just keywords and more on the content’s relevance to the keyword. So, ensure you create proper and relevant queries your audience will most likely use in search engines. Try to create content that your users will find interesting and relevant.

3. Including Multimedia to your content

These days, particularly in the B2C landscape, users tend to be favoring visual content like graphics, videos and presentations with a great likelihood that the interest in visual content will keep on increasing. Google is mainly about user experience, so if users are favoring visual content, then so will Google. Presently, Google is testing video ads in its search results and the multimedia trend is being pushed further giving those who utilize multimedia content an edge in search engine ranks

4. Social media signals are becoming more important in search engines

The importance of social media in internet marketing has already been established, and although it does not yet have a direct effect on your search engine rankings, social signals definitely improves the visibility of your brand. Search engines are actively working on ways to integrate social media posts in their algorithms. For example, tweets are now being embedded in the search engine results page, and it is very likely we’ll be seeing more of it in 2016

5. Link building is changing, not dying

There have been numerous rumors about the demise of link building, and its ineffectiveness in search engines ranking. But the truth is link building will continue to bring in traffic, but in different ways from before. So, link building is still very essential in SEO rankings.

SEO is an ever changing game. Those who change with it stay relevant and the those who fail to move with the trend go outdated. If you need to keep up your advertising edge, you have to remain focused on the changes.

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