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by Sophie Ross

on September 26,2016

Why is developing good content for your website and customers so challenging? Frankly because staring at a blank page in Word and racking your brain for another hot blog topic doesn’t always provide the most robust results. Try referring to this giant list of content ideas next time you’ve got writer’s block


Hey this sounds incredibly basic, but most SMB websites are doing their Frequently Asked Questions wrong. The FAQ is an opportunity to push visitors further through your sales funnel and bring them closer to the close.


It’s also a chance to reduce your most nagging customer service calls and emails. Make your FAQ comprehensive and well organized and it well help both of these facets of your business.

Compelling text is great, but we’re still visual animals. Try mixing info graphics into your blog and post them on social media to draw new interest to your site. If you’re not a designer you could hire a pro or try your hand at the free templates available.

Info Graphics

By telling people how to do something related to your business you only enhance your own authority in the space! Free how-to tips get shared, they get featured in online publications, and will grab you some nice backlinks.

DIY Stuff

Websites like, Storify, and Uberflip help you curate your own content or aggregate stories from other sites of interest to your audience.

Curated Content

Not a Kubric? No problem. Video tools and services are abundant; and adding videos to your website builder is a snap. Use them to explain your app, prove how awesome your service is, and bash your mother-in-law online.

Animated Video and Vlogs

Get valuable market research about your target audience while providing a fun tool that people will share with their friends.

Polls and Quizzes

Want an inbound marketing tool that will pay dividends over time? Create a sharp-looking eBook geared towards answering questions your prospective customers all share. Post it on your site, or market it as a free download for people who sign up for your newsletter.


For the billions of memes that are out there, our species just doesn’t seem to tire of them. This is a 5 minute content win you can add right now.


Even as a one-off you create a great piece of content that people can absorb while riding the train or driving to work. If you do this regularly you may find a whole new base of subscribers that your blog didn’t reach before.


Everybody wants to see pictures of what you made for dinner last night. No they don’t. Instead, create some organized galleries of images your customers will like.

Photo Galleries

This post as a shining example.

Lists of Stuff

Break these into shorter, digestible sessions and teach your prospects something. Or train your customers how to best user your products and services.

Webinars and Tutorials

SlideShare is an awesome platform. Use it. End of story.


Here’s a chance to voice your opinion on something; just keep it thorough, professional and useful to consumers.


Put your screenshots on steroids for some visual appeal.

Animated GIFs

If you really want to stand out in your industry, to the point where your competitors will actually link to you, then the time invested in writing a Whitepaper is well spent. This is going to require heavier research, statistics, and citations than eBooks and blogs will so get organized and work from a solid outline to get started.


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