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Agencies - Partner with Blockity for Increased Revenue!

Do some of your clients desperately need a new website design but budget is an issue? Or maybe you know you can bring in dozens of new web design and marketing clients if you could just get the cost down low enough to be more competitive?  

Now you can quickly build your clients beautiful new websites without spending thousands! And if you’re running AdWords, Social Media, or some other campaigns, imagine how much better they will perform once you get your clients away from outdated, non-responsive, and ugly websites and into something sleek, modern, and born to increase their sales figures!

You’ll look like a serious player among agencies and gain many long-term clients by becoming the one-stop-shop for them.

We’ve made this process of becoming an agency partner as easy as possible for you. There are NO signup fees, no “Agency Application”, and no website quantity requirements.

You just get down to business designing a great-looking website for your client. Charge the client whatever amount you want for the design – Blockity takes NOTHING from that. We make our money from the ongoing hosting and platform services, and whether the customer pays us directly or you do the cost is the same – no markup.

How does it work?

Sharing Access with Your client or team

Blockity’s Agency feature allows you to share your creations with Team Members or Clients. It’s pretty straightforward – just open the website you want to share, click on Settings, then the Team tab, enter the Email you want to have access, and then click Invite.

We all know that clients like to tinker around with their websites and with other platforms that can be a scary prospect! Not with Blockity however. Our DIY website builder is designed with the non-technical person in mind and made to be stable and very forgiving. Your client won’t break your new creation, don’t worry!

Fear not – they can’t break it!

Give your client a walk-through of the website so they know how to add and move blocks, switch out content, change fonts, and more. We’ve built in a Guided Tour, lots of helpful tips, and chat support right inside the website builder, so your clients will have resources if they get stuck (and they likely won’t need to call you for every little thing). 

You would never hand over the “keys” so easily with a WordPress or Joomla website! Those platforms are not nearly as forgiving and it’s very easy for the non-technical person to break one of those sites just by making what seem like routine changes. 

So what are you waiting for? There are thousands of small businesses out there that need a killer-looking, mobile-friendly website at a low cost. Here’s your “marketing plan” care of Blockity:

 • Build 3 or 4 websites on Blockity so you have a nice portfolio (you could do this in a weekend on our platform!)

 • Offer a rock-bottom price for web design, as long as your customers agree to continue on with you for marketing/SEO/management/etc. for a certain amount of time

 • Slay the competition and win your agency some new business!

It’s our hope that Blockity can help you grow your business by expanding your service offering. Now go get ‘em!

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