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Insider SEO Knowledge to Help Rank your Blockity Website

As you launch your new business using the awesome Blockity DIY website builder there are bound to be questions that arise about how to get your website found. With millions of articles written about search engine optimization, and not all of them good, it’s easy to get confused about how to proceed. From being in this business for over a decade here’s what we’ve found are some of the most common things SMB’s don’t understand at first about SEO.

Google favors big brands

Small and medium-sized businesses have many wonderful opportunities to compete with bigger companies online but let’s be clear: Google’s mission is not to be a champion of the start-up; it’s to provide the best-fitting search results to consumers using its search engine. Since larger, well-known brands also tend to have entire SEO teams working on their websites on a full-time basis, their content tends to be deeper and more resourceful – and Google presumes that those web pages will best suit the average user.

One could easily theorize that since big brands also spend a lot of money on AdWords and other Google products that the search engine is biased in their favor over the little guy with a small budget, and there might be a little bit of that going on too. The point is that the new player will have to be wily and look for opportunities to outshine their larger rivals.

There’s more than one way to get found in Google

If you’re selling kitchen cabinets and you have no idea how you’re going to compete with the big brands online, take heart – there is more to Google rankings than just the top organic listing. Here are several other ways to appear on the coveted Page 1:

  • Google News
  • Google Images
  • Local results (3-pack)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Carousel 
  • Google Instant Answers
  • The Knowledge Graph
  • Featured Videos (either Google or YouTube)

And of course there is AdWords advertising if you want to pay for quicker (but not permanent) results.

You’re not really trying to rank your site

It’s actually the individual pages of your website, or groups of pages (called silos), you are trying to rank for given search phrases. What’s the difference? It has to do with strategy. If you sell both copywriting services and pastries (why on Earth would you do this?) you will naturally want to structure your website architecture, content, and link building endeavors differently. The Copywriting Services page should not have blog posts about donuts pointing links to it. **Note: the “Copywriting and Pastries” example has just been nominated for the esteemed Worst Example Ever Included in a Business Article award. Stayed tuned for the results!

The content for each page you want ranked should include information structured to answer questions for and be resourceful to your targeted audience. It should not just be one long sales pitch. Give people good reasons to link to your page and watch your rankings improve over time.

No plug-in can “SEO” your website

Have you fallen for this one before? You may have especially if you’ve been burned by WordPress prior to reaching the web design Nirvana that is Blockity. Even the best SEO plugins only give you an easy format for inputting your meta tags, and most of them provide inaccurate assessments of your on-page content. In the worst case scenario those plug-ins compromise your website’s security and can even break your site – which is definitely not helpful for SEO.

Proper Search Engine Optimization comes from a well-designed, over-arching plan. Blockity’s simple interface easily replaces all SEO plug-ins on the market. The rest comes down to your implementing a solid content and link-earning strategy.

Keep these insider SEO facts in mind as you design your marketing strategy and if you have questions please ask in the comments below.

By Mark Holland exclusively for blockity.co

Business Writer - SEO & Marketing

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