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by Sophie Ross

on September 26,2016

We normally try to provide our readers with free or at least really cheap marketing tips to help propel their business websites, so why are we talking about advertising now?

You may have noticed that it’s become extremely difficult to build a Facebook fan base organically. And if you do have a nice audience in place, you’ve probably realized that only a fraction of them ever see your posts! It’s a pay-to-play world unfortunately, but the good news is Facebook ads may offer the best chances of a strong ROI at the lowest cost entry point for your business.

Here we discuss how to get started.

The biggest reason to choose this channel for your advertising entire is Facebook’s targeting capabilities. You can go after audiences by their interests, age, location, gender, type of mobile device they use, occupation, level of education, and more. Facebook even tells you how big your audience is once you’ve refined the targeting down to the perfect prospects.

But don’t stop there, if you have a large email list already you can load that up into your Facebook Ads Manager and include those subscribers in your audience. This has the added benefit of learning more about how your subscriber list behaves on social media for better messaging.


Many options here, and this is also a reason we love Facebook ads. If you’re trying to fill seats at a seminar, get your app downloaded, or any number of other goals, you’re likely to find it listed among the choices.

What’s your objective?

If these are your first ads, start low, like $5 a day. If you budget more of course you will reach more people but before you start throwing money around you want to know what kind of results you can expect. Note that your cost per click will actually go down once your ad is running for a few days. For this reason, never pull an ad just because you’re not happy with the first day’s results.

What’s a good ad budget?

The “how” part is actually easy – Facebook walks you through the process when setting up your campaign. It’s the “what” that is more important: what images and what ad copy to use. Facebook has some rules about image quality, one being no more than 20% of the image may contain text. Pick an image that would catch your own eye if scrolling through your news feed, and something relevant to your prospective customers.

For ad copy, you only get to make your point with a few words, so keep your offer succinct and include a call-to-action. Want some ideas? Try using to research your top competitor’s best-performing ads. The data is from AdWords, but useful intelligence nonetheless.

Phrase your ad headline as a question. Example: “Are you struggling to lose weight?” Questions grab peoples’ attention and make them want to read on, so the text body should then answer that question, and lead viewers to your offer…”if so, download our Free Report “5 Foods to Never Eat”…”.

How to make an ad

The Ads Manager dashboard is pretty insightful. You’ll receive detailed feedback on:

Monitor and Tweak

- Clicks

- Conversions

- Engagement

- Costs

Provided you made more than one ad and have them running together, you’ll learn which is performing better and create new ads based on the results.

We suggest you try running your own ads at first – after all, you’re a DIY website builder so why not start with a DIY campaign since you now know how to begin. You can always bring in a professional team later if needed. 

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