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Easy ways to create websites without any coding knowledge

Nowadays, there are various website builders/CMS 

(Content Management Systems) you can easily utilize to design and get your website running in just a few hours. So gone are the days when you claim you can’t get your brand online due to your inability to code or the fact that you can’t afford the rates of web developers. In this article, we will be evaluating the easiest website builders to use for your brand in 2016.

To start with, what are website builders? Website builders are applications or platforms that allow users to easily create their websites without any knowledge of coding or professional design. I'll list two viable options for making a website in 2016: Wordpress, a common website builder, and our builder, blockity.co. Let's take a look at each:


WordPress is an online and mostly free website builder developed in PHP. It is the most popular and one of the easiest CMS today. WordPress can be used in basically two ways; via their free wordpress.com blogging platform, or by installing WordPress on your hosting server. The former is good for those who want to quickly set up a blog without spending a dime but with limited features. While the latter is for those who want to create a professional website and have access to the full WordPress features.


Blockity.co provides it users with a very easy-to-use editor. They provide their users with numerous templates for different aspects including: music, artists, photography, business and many more. The provided templates can be customized to suit the user’s perfects needs such as background color or picture etc. It is also perfect for individuals who are looking for a basic website they can easily create and manage all by their selves. Blockity.co also offers its users two basic options for creating their websites. You can choose the do it yourself option to build the website yourself, or you can pay Blockity.co to do it for you.

The importance of a website to your business can definitely not be over emphasized. A website makes your business available and convenient for your prospective buyers to know more about the services you are offering. If you skip out on having a website for your business, you are skipping out on a potential flow of new customers and clients. The world is digital now and most potential customers will view a business' website before buying. If you don't, you're competitors will most definitely tap into your unclaimed customer stream. Blockity.co can make this a simple process for you and allow you to get a head start on your competitors with slick templates and an easy -to-use builder. So what are you waiting for? Bring your business to the digital world with Blockity.co!


Creating outstanding websites is effortless & Intuitive. 

Don’t waist your time for rest of web builders. Try Blockity for Free!


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