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Drive Traffic to your Blockity site with Email Marketing

So you’ve just created your slick new website with Blockity – now it’s time to turn it into a money-maker! Many Blockity users are startups and so efficiency and maximizing both time and budget are paramount. Throwing piles of cash at traditional marketing channels like TV and print media is not a viable option, so we’re going to discuss how to break into Social Media as a small business, with maximum impact.

Here’s the answer – you need to have an active email marketing program to drive visitors to your pages. It’s still the most profitable marketing investment for most businesses so we’re going to give you a roadmap to launching and running successful email campaigns.

Got a list?

If your customer list is small, or if you’re building a list from scratch, then it’s time to get creative. Start by leveraging your social media profiles! Facebook and Twitter make it really easy to collect emails from your followers without them even having to visit your website!  

You’ll need to give people a good reason to opt in to your mailing list so create an image, ad, or pop-up with a strong call-to-action that details what your targets will get in exchange for subscribing. Here’s a few tried-and-true ideas:

- Whitepapers

- “How To…” guides

- Coupons

- Free Downloads

- Important updates

- Industry news and tips

Offer the right incentive in the right format and your subscriber base will grow in no time.

Pop-up messages that appear on your website can be good for gathering lots of email addresses, but it’s important to experiment with what pages(s) you use them on, where they appear on the page, and when they are presented to the customer.  

A search will unveil many pre-made blocks of Javascript code that you can customize and easily insert into your Blockity website. You’ll also find some software (free and paid) that will customize pop-up code for you.

Another easy and free method is the addition of HelloBar or a similar tool that puts an unobtrusive message bar across your header making the offer and giving the visitor an easy way to opt in. The new address can then be integrated into your existing list, and imported into your email software.

Making the offer

Need to build that list fast and don’t mind spending some money? Run your offer on Adwords of Facebook ads for quicker results.

You’ve got lots to choose from here, but until your list is really big, and until you’re well versed in how to use all the premium analytics tools available, try to stick with the free services in the beginning. MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and more all have some kind of free trial – check them out and see which one feels best for you.

It’s important that you do work with a legitimate email service provider like these because there are laws your business must comply with regarding emails and spam. MailChimp and the others will keep you on the legal side of things by insisting you follow their compliance rules. This is a nice bit of assurance. Run afoul of the rules and your company could get blacklisted by ISP’s, which means your emails will be blocked and you’ll lose this powerful marketing channel altogether!

Email services

You’ve now got a list of subscribers eager to read what you’ve got to say – so what do you say??

It’s hard to write a full-blown email newsletter from scratch each week, so let’s highlight some ideas to keep your readers satiated:

Email content ideas

- Curated news in your industry

- Company news and pictures – formal or casual

- Sales promotions

- DIY tips

- Success stories of other customers/clients of yours

- Contests

- Repurpose your blog posts into newsletter material

- Product spotlights

How often you email depends on your overall marketing strategy and your subscribers’ expectations. Weekly, or twice a month might be a good start, and then gauge the response you receive. If you start getting a large number of “unsubscribes” that’s a sign you’re turning people off – check the messaging and frequency.

Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and ask yourself if this is content they want to receive, and as often as you’re sending it.

You now have a great foundation for starting a powerful email marketing program. Create some awesome content for your subscribers and keep them coming back for more!


By Mark Holland exclusively for blockity.co

Business Writer - SEO & Marketing

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