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Boost Your New Website with Social Media

So you’ve just created your slick new website with Blockity – now it’s time to turn it into a money-maker! Many Blockity users are startups and so efficiency and maximizing both time and budget are paramount. Throwing piles of cash at traditional marketing channels like TV and print media is not a viable option, so we’re going to discuss how to break into Social Media as a small business, with maximum impact.

Social media for business must be strategic, otherwise you’ll waste countless hours of your precious time and have nothing to show for it. Worse, you could actually damage your online reputation. Begin by defining your audience and determining where your customer base hangs out. Are they Facebook people, or LinkedIn types? Both? Neither? Go to an important news/resource blog for your industry and note the activity on their social profiles. Search important keywords on each social platform and you’ll receive a wealth of information.


Slow and Steady

Maybe you find your audience on 8 different platforms; pick only 2 to start with and be consistent with your activity. You’ll look bad if you come on strong then and fizzle out after 1 month. Better to expand into other social platforms once you have a system in place that can handle it.  

Social media can devour your entire day if you’re not careful, and while there are awesome tools to help you manage multiple platforms, schedule posts, and more, go with the free ones first. Don’t pay for any monthly subscriptions for that “one tool that’s going to do everything” until you have maxed out the usefulness of the free version and know that the paid subscription is worth it. In our experience there is no “one tool” yet.  

Creating shareworthy content can be challenging but here is a down and dirty list of things you can do immediately:

 - Share your blog posts, and share each again after some time has passed

 - Search Google News and share top stories of interest to your audience; add your own comments to build your authority

 - Images rule – share pics of the office pet, infographics, employees finishing an order – the options are endless and images will spread 10x greater than text-only posts

Get extra mileage out of your content - cross-post everything!

What do I post about??

Add this to the content list above: Re-post content from Influencers and reply to their posts.  

These are trusted, authoritative people in your vertical that have a huge social audience and you’d like to have them as allies. Think how much traffic and new fans you might receive if an influencer mentioned your product or service occasionally! Don’t try for Bill Gates – pick realistic targets. Engage, but don’t stalk or shamelessly self-promote.

Build Authority

You don’t want to talk to an empty room so you need to find followers, and the right ones. Twitter makes it pretty easy to gain followers quickly; there is an etiquette that if someone follows you on Twitter you’re supposed to follow them back. Punch in your keywords, and follow everyone who shows up. The action is likely to be reciprocated. Google+ and Instagram are somewhat similar.

It doesn’t work this way on every platform however. Facebook has made it very difficult to gain fans without buying ads. LinkedIn has its own methods of building a base, as do Pinterest and Snapchat. But you may have a secret weapon: your email subscribers! Ask them to follow your social profiles and put that same message on your site and particularly on your blog page.

Blockity makes it easy to add social buttons to your site – get them on there!

Building your Audience

Like we discussed with using social media management tools, don’t advertise until you’ve maxed out what you can do for free – with one exception: Facebook. You’re likely going to have to run ads to build followers in the beginning but the good news is that it’s fairly cheap and the targeting on FB is excellent.

A Word on Advertising

You now have a game plan. Allot yourself 15 to 30 minutes a day to put it in action. If you stick with this outline and stay efficient with your efforts within 30 days you will have a serious social presence – without taking time away from running your core business!

Start NOW

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