Avoid these Lead Generation Fails

by Sophie Ross

on September 26,2016


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Avoid these Lead Generation Fails

Many companies using the Blockity website platform are businesses that follow a lead generation type sales model – that is, the nature of the product or service is such that an impulse click and purchase is not the most common outcome. These are businesses where the prospective customer needs to carefully consider options before buying and so the initial conversion goal for this type of business website is to capture the contact information and other necessary details from the prospect for further nurturing.

Lead generation and lead nurturing are extremely important initiatives for service providers, and they often pay big bucks to companies to deliver leads but sadly not all leads are good ones and not all lead generation endeavors are equal in quality.  

When a lead is not a lead

Buying ready-made lead lists? Wonderful – the same list of questionable data has also been sold to a thousand other buyers! A “lead” is a live person who is at least remotely interested in what you do; not a name on an Excel doc of someone who died in 1983.  

Assuming you’ve got real human beings to target let’s talk about avoiding some common lead generation fails.

Ad and Offer Page Mismatch

Branding counts! If you’re using LinkedIn or Facebook ads to drive traffic to a designated lead capture page be sure it doesn’t make the clicker think he got redirected. If the content doesn’t pick up where the ad left off, or if fonts, page layout, and logos don’t match you might be needlessly driving up your own bounce rate by confusing potential customers. The design flexibility of the Blockity DIY website platform makes it easy to keep consistency between website and ads.

Squirrelling away that contact data

It’s surprising how many marketers go through all the work it takes to capture lead information – and then just sit on it. No lead nurturing, no emails, nothing. Saving it for a rainy day? I see a desert-like dryness in your future sales forecast. 

Ignoring the unique stages of the sales cycle

Your prospects need different content at different times. Sending everyone the same email blast regardless of where they are in the funnel is not effective. Use response behavior to score your leads based on whatever criteria makes sense to your sales process: email opens, click-throughs, revisiting a certain web page, time spent in the pipeline – and then segment leads into manageable groups for special offers and customized messaging.

You’re not blogging

When done correctly your blog can both generate and nurture leads through the sales pipeline. Putting some ad dollars behind a truly awesome article of interest to your audience is a great way to pull in new contacts that can then be sent a series of messages designed to bring them closer to the purchase. People buy from people they trust and your blog is the easiest way to demonstrate your expertise on a continual basis. Buyers want to see depth to a business and so it’s routine now for a prospect to follow your company out on social media, look for reviews, and also read your blog in order to form a clearer picture about the business. Don’t squander your chance to tell a great story about why you’re the best at what you do.

Have you set up your Blockity website for lead capture? If you’re thinking of redesigning your tired old website to make it a better lead magnet, try out Blockity first!

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