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Hyperlocal Marketing for the Win 

Someone in the vicinity pulls out a smartphone and searches for a good place for lunch.  

Discover the Power of Remarketing for your Business

Abandoned carts, half-filled-out-and-then-discarded contact forms, and ridiculously high bounce rates from your “money” pages – these are the everyday frustrations that drive business website owners mad. 

More Reasons to Never Use WordPress for your Business Website

Do you think that security vulnerabilities for WordPress are a thing of the past and “all fixed now”? Think again! 

Your App Needs a Website Too

Many an entrepreneur these days is breaking into business not by renting a storefront on Main Street or even by selling products on Amazon

Get Proactive with your Online Reputation

How big do you have to be before it’s time to start fussing about your company’s online reputation?  

You’ve Officially Started Your Business – Now What?

Hey – congratulations on FINALLY taking the plunge! You’ve built your professional business website on the Blockity platform

Yelp Like You Mean It

Everyone’s a critic. That old adage is truer now than ever before with the prominence of review sites the Yelp and the sounding-off platforms... 

Psychological Marketing Secrets for Your Next Campaign

You’re the victim of savvy cerebral warfare and you had no idea. Yes, the big guys – the major movers in every industry – have teams of top talent...

Winning Web Design for 2017

Well that was quick. 2016 is almost a distant memory and so now is a good time to take stock about what the coming year might present in terms of business opportunities and challenges.

How to do LinkedIn the Right Way

Marketers have had a love hate relationship with LinkedIn over the years – at some periods the advertising seems to work and other times the conversions are lousy.

Avoid these Lead Generation Fails

Many companies using the Blockity website platform are businesses that follow a lead generation type sales model – that is...

6 Easy Ways to Murder a Startup

Most people using the Blockity website builder are entrepreneurs of some sort and we like to provide them with support for getting their new website and business to grow.

Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing

How can you gain more visibility for your brand? You may have a domain up and running with SEO elements in place...

Start Video Marketing Now

Do you want to be the last website on earth to finally adopt video into its marketing plan? No, you don’t. 

Why Your Homepage Stinks

There’s really no excuse anymore.

All consumers now expect a professional looking website when they visit your domain, and that’s regardless of the industry

Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Why is developing good content for your website and customers so challenging? Frankly because staring at a blank page in Word and racking your brain for another hot blog topic doesn’t always provide the most robust results. 

How to Score Killer Free Images

There’s a crisis upon the Web. It comes in the image of a smiling woman wearing a headset. Other times it appears as a guy in a suit pointing at floating icons.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

We normally try to provide our readers with free or at least really cheap marketing tips to help propel their business websites, so why are we talking about advertising now?

Don’t Make these Common Design Mistakes

Sometimes you stumble upon a website that is so awful your reflexes hit the back button immediately. 

A Primer for Protecting Your Brand Online

Doing business means getting reviews – there’s no way around it. And the more success you attain the more public and precious your image becomes.

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